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Dr. med. Martin Köhrer
– cinma –

I would like to help you find a specialist differential diagnosis and access to complementary medicine methods of healing. In addition to university medicine, complementary medicine with manual therapies, osteopathic techniques and homeopathy.

This consideration brings an approximation of the causes of the complaints. Chronic discomfort of the movement apparatus can be treated, even if classical medicine only sees operations as an option.

Manual therapies provide a gentle and effective way of therapy in the case of painful functional disorders of the movement apparatus. Indication age: Infant to adult.


If you find yourself in one of the groups:

  • I’m not pain-free somewhere in the movement apparatus
  • I am pain-free, want to take care of my body
  • I looking for an orientation before or after operations of the motion apparatus, searching for non-operative, efficient therapy options
  • I am a child or adolescent, my parents are interested in prevention


Then please call us at:

T +49 40 4142 1633

During the appointment, we speak English, Vietnamese and German.

During consultation, English, Spanish, French, German and also Swabian-Badisch (fluent).


Manual therapies and homeopathy are not seen uniformly in science. There are also no randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies as required by the highest-ranking jurisprudence for health effects. For legal reasons, it is pointed out that no promises of cure can be given for the indications mentioned above. The areas that can be successfully treated result from many decades of experience of therapists working with manual therapies.